Changes at The Space!

We are currently going through some changes and will be back at a new address soon!

Our Philosophy: To empower a new generation of creatives.

A Passion Project.

3 individuals, 3 passionate people, 3 widely different perspectives and backgrounds that shaped who we are today. A spirit of collaboration and creating something bigger than us, is what brought us together in this collective, creative endeavour. A need for a space that will make us feel at home, in a creative sense.

Each of the three of us have always been looking for a place where we could spontaneously join a creative community, work on our projects on the go without much of a commitment, but still get the best out of working with others. We constantly found ourselves seeking for a place that we could go to for inspiration and feeling of community, which has the resources we could tap into, if needed. The local dimension also matters because, who better to talk to when travelling in a new place than the locally-based, like-minded creatives?

This is how the Space started, it is a result of our dreams, needs, longing and passion. We want to create a place that we ourselves have been looking for. We know others are looking for it too.

Gunnar, Kasia & Joe.

The front of The Space